QAeLearn is an online marketplace for all kind of trainings. Our training programs are suitable for beginners from variety of academic background, as well as professionals seeking to enhance their skills and careers in Information Technology or any other field.With years of experience in the IT industry and a team of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals provide training based on real-time scenarios, case studies, and live projects is an integral part of training. Our training instructors take a personal approach with every person we help. Our training is practical, easy to understand, and very comprehensive.
Our commitment to our clients is reflected by the amount of time and money we invest in recruiting, developing, training, mentoring and growing our people.
At QAeLearn, we employ the best talent in the industry, train them in various technology and lines of business and provide them with the best technologies & projects to work on.

About The Staff

QAeLearn employs highly motivated individuals, with proven track records of success, who know how to deliver results that meet the challenges and complexities of today’s quality assurance and IT enterprise requirements. Our team of professionals is known for its flexibility in adapting to the complex environments of the real world, and its creativity in finding solutions to real-world problems. Our instructor-facilitated and self-paced online courses are 100% job market driven, designed to make real impact on your career and your financial well being associated with being a part of the growing profession.

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About The Facility

Our training facility equipped with technology, which gives the fresher to get comfortable with the systems and documentation to learn enough of the subject. Our training division has the separate website for the fresher to get the hands on video files and the documentation that is required to prepare for the job.

Most of our courses are imparted during weekends to allow working professional to adjust to their busy schedules and at the same time provide an excellent platform for advancing towards their career goal. Many of our training participants upon successful completions their respective courses find IT jobs quite fast.